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When I fave it, that's because it rocks.

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:iconkeikora: :iconwashereplz: trollin' a bit. But she loves Lanier with heart and soul.

:iconmaenen: WAS HERE TOO NIEHIEHIEHIEIEIE as a friendly reminder that i love her lots uvu

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Random from Things that make my day


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Q: What program do you use for your art?

A: I use Paint tool SAI for almost everything! But I also use Photoshop to make some effects.

Q: Can I use your art for a video/icon/etc?

A: You can use my fan-arts but linking my page as source, of course! I actually am so happy everytime I see anyone using my fan-arts of stuff on videos and such.

But, please, don't trace my art, don't steal my ideas, my characters, my concepts, or claim my art is *yours*

(I especially hate when someone steals my designs)

Q: Can I draw your character?

A: Sure! Why not? I adore seeing fan-arts of my little bbys ;;; And make sure of linking me to your art! I would want to see it ;;

Q: Can we pair my charrie with that one of yours?
A: I only pair up my characters with my friend's characters, and usually roleplaying. Also, I don't like when people seems too fangirl with my male characters, it feels like it always is the same and I just don't like it. /had some bad experences

Q: Do you do RQ/ATs/Commissions
A: Request are forever closed, I don't usually do ATs either... Commissions yes! They are almost always open, although my point commissions are closed right now.

My commissions acc is LaniCommi by the way!

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To do list

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FREE Classy Status button: I don't do requests by koffeelamFREE Classy Status button: I don't do trades by koffeelamFREE Classy Status button: Commissions are closed by koffeelam

1.- My part of an AT with Sere (Not starter)

2.- Full colored pic for blknbloo… (Not started)

3.- My part of an AT with Dyospe (Not started)

4.- Custom Keronian commissions for EmeraldsOfSugar (0/3 done)

5.- Custom Keronian commission for ChocoRhea (0/1 done)

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Jul 24, 2014
5:57 pm
Jul 24, 2014
2:46 pm
Jul 24, 2014
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Jul 24, 2014
12:54 pm
Jul 24, 2014
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W of wendetta
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Hello there! ( ゚▽゚)/

I'm Lanier, a little laugh maker dreamer, nice to meet you!

I hope you enjoy my art and my characters!

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: Harry Potter | GoT | Once Upon a time | Stephen King | Gintama | Hannibal (show and movies) | Scrubs | FMA | Keroro Gunso | Soul Eater | MLP FiM | 999 | Pokémon | Dramione | Zoruru (KG) | Snake (999) | Owl City | Cakes | Baking | Drawing | Writting | Taking photos | Nature | Magic | Strawberries | Owls | The night | Art | Fairytales | Colour Green | Roleplaying | My charries

</3: Illness | Human feelings | Oc x canon | Drama | Copycats | Peppers | Linearting | Keronians with hair | Mary Sues | Fangirls overreacting | HS | Feeling ignored

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:bulletblack: Real brother Usiro-Chan
:bulletgreen: Sketches account: Blind-Poisoned-Soul
:bulletblack: Commissions/ATs account: LaniCommi
:bulletblack: Characters list:…

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:skull:ART STATUS:skull:

FREE Classy Status button: I don't do requests by koffeelamFREE Classy Status button: I don't do trades by koffeelamFREE Classy Status button: Commissions are open by koffeelam

:bulletgreen: Paypal commissions are always open!

Info for paypal commissions:…
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Sooo, how much would you pay for an icon like the ony I am using now? ovo (In points, ofc) 

12 deviants said COMMENT PLEASE `v´ ♥

Currently obsessions

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-Resources Hannibal

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-Resources Haikyuu!

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-Resources One upon a time

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-Resources GINTAMA ONCE AGAIN

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-Resources Avatar (The legend of Aang & Korra)

Kei's box

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¡Querida Lanier!

Lo cierto es que hace tiempo que quería cambiar esto. Porque lo que ya tenías aquí puesto, es de hace muchísimo tiempo, y desde aquel día, ¡Hemos vivido el doble de momentos maravillosos! Y eso da mucho de lo que hablar,¿Verdad?

Por lo que había que estar al día. Aunque, si me lo permites, reiteraré en un simple detalle...


Por ser tan especial. Como ya sabes, hace tres años jamás creí que podríamos llegar a ser tan amigas... ¡Por lo visto me equivocaba! Y no podría ser más feliz. Teniendo una amiga como tú, ¿quién podría cuestionarse la felicidad? ¿Eh? ¡No exagero! Realmente eres como un ángel, ¿sabes?
Llegaste de repente, ¡Y para quedarte!

Gracias por querer a alguien como yo. ¡Gracias por hacerme sentir mejor persona! Y por supuesto, ¡Mil gracias por dejarme entrar en tu corazón, Lani!

Es algo demasiado importante para mí. Encima, lo mejor de todo, es que te estoy escribiendo algo tan pasteloso que empalagaría a cualquier persona que no seas tú. Y MOLA, PORQUE YO SOY TAN CURSI QUE CUANDO SE ME DEJA, DOY BOFETADAS DE AMOR A TODO EL MUNDO.

Y espero con ansias el día en que finalmente podamos quedar, ¡Y abrazarte de verdad! Y con ello... Decirte que todo está bien.

Porque necesitas saberlo. Todo está bien. Puede que no ahora. ¡Pero sé que lo estará! ¿Sabes por qué?

Porque eres una persona paciente, trabajadora y muy constante (¡Aunque a veces te distraigas! Me refiero a esos journals o tweets que son como ''Y YO HOY IBA A HACER TAL COSA PERO AL FINAL NO.'' pero bueno, ¿a quién no le pasa eso?) y muy dulce. ¡Además...! Sabes tratar a la gente como se merece. ¡Y eso es algo muy importante! No entregar tu corazón a cualquiera pero tampoco cerrarse en banda. ¡Te a-d-m-i-r-o, Lanier!

Y bueno, esas, entre otras muchas cualidades, son las que te harán triunfar en cualquier cosa que te propongas. Aunque ahora no te vayan las cosas del todo bien...

¡Yo estoy segura de que cumplirás tus sueños y tocarás las estrellas!

Bueno, con esto me despido (¿Tal vez me excedí demasiado...?)

Y recuerda...

Lanier, ¡Keiko te quiere con toda su alma! :iconluvluvplz:

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Stark Stamp by Leelian

Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 999 Stamp by LaytonLegalLuke heebie-jeebies by cockrocket Tea Stamp by Kawiku
::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 NBC's Hannibal Stamp by Floyd46 Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221
Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Aww x3 Stamp by melo91 MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty Room Without Book Stamp by StirFryKitty I FxCKIN LOVE COLORING stamp by Samwich JK Rowling Wins by kittykat01 Up to no good by clumsyrebel Harry Potter by paramoreSUCKS I love Italian food Stamp by Chibikaede Megamind Boo Stamp by LockworkOrange Pudding Stamp by puddingplz Tyrion Lannister by Anawielle The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn... by EmmaL27 Disney Stamp: GASTHURRRN by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Stamp: FrancexUK by Janbearpig
Disney Stamp: Haters Gonna Hate by XxoOjunefoxOoxX

Art for me <3

!Rotata! by dyospe Rotata by NeonKitsune16 Rotata-Commission by Sky-River Fishy cute! by Keikora ROTATA! :3 by Shivashivaderpaderp Lilies and Mimosa Flower Crown by AlbtraumSpaten RQ: omg strawberriiiiiisss by Grumploo Rotata flies around to the Sky by Kplatoony LOTATA by enerunaru Dreamcatchers- request by PeachCrayon Acceptance by blackHoneybee


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I would like to draw rotata
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